OpenCyc translated to RDf

  • Hi,
    I've translated OpenCyc to RDF.  I dropped non-atomic terms, non-binary assertions, and rules.  I've included microtheories (context) however in the Named Graphs version of RDF.  The following files are available from the Texai project on SourceForge:  open-cyc.n3.ZIP, open-cyc.rdf.ZIP, and open-cyc.trig.ZIP.  The TriG format is the one that includes context.  See my blog at .
    -Stephen L. Reed

    • I am especially interested in your TriG output,
      because mKR has context.
      How can I get TriG output?
      Where can I learn more about TriG?
      How can I arrange for mKR output from OpenCyc?