CobraToolbox bundled installers

  • jagbartell


    I made the poor decision to uninstall my old version of CobraToolbox (and all associated SBML/libSBML/solvers) that I'd installed using the Mac Snow Leopard bundled installer.  Sadly, I'm having technical difficulties with building libSBML 5.0 and have decided reverting to my old version will probably be more productive for now.  However, I cannot find the installers hosted anywhere!  Were they removed when 2.0 was released or am I just incapable of simple Google searches?

    It would make my week if someone could point me in the direction of the old bundled installer (I'm running Matlab R2010b on Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8) or tell me that the 2.0 bundle referred to in the Nature Protocols paper will be posted imminently (as in the next 3 days or so).

    Thanks for any help,

  • Daniel Hyduke
    Daniel Hyduke


    Between the time the cobra 2.0 paper was put into production and its publication, the SBML team had made some nice installers for libSBML that worked much better than our bundled option.  Unfortunately, the delays between improvement in software and academic publication result in differences.

    We still include the SBML Toolbox matlab scripts because we're lagging on compatibility audits in that realm, so please don't install the SBML Toolbox on your own. 

    If you install libSBML for snow leopard from here:

    it comes with the mex files so you no longer need to build libsbml.

    The simplified install instructions are here: