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Problem with GDLS and M>1 parameter

  • Did anyone else have  a problem with GDLS.m routine and setting the M parameter to the value larger than 1?
    I get the following error:

    ??? Error using ==> ne
    Matrix dimensions must agree.

    Error in ==> GDLS at 256
        if size(y, 2) ~= size(y0, 2) || any(any(y~=y0))&&any(any(y~=y0p))

    Error in ==> runGDLS at 53
    = GDLS(model, chemObj, 'minGrowth', minGrowth, 'selectedRxns', selectedRxns, 'maxKO', maxKO, 'M',M,'nbhdsz', nbhdsz);

    I am running COBRA with Gurobi on academic license on 64-bit Linux.