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OpenCL .Net / News: Recent posts

Preparing for an update

I've implemented most of OpenCL 1.2 in the repository, as well as all the DirectX extensions + a general plugin architecture for user extensions. I might make a beta release bundle of this soon, as some of OpenCL 1.2 is pretty useful, but as the standard itself has a few "breaking" changes(Or perhaps we should call them "fixing" as the original API never really worked) related to extensions I think I'll hold off on a full release until nVidia and Intel get up to version 1.2. There are also a handful of deprecated functions in 1.2 that make it very natural to declare that the next release will require 1.2 internally, while keeping all old methods with deprecation flags on them to not break old software.... read more

Posted by Illusio 2012-07-09

OpenCL.Net 0.6.3 Released

Final batch of nVidia specific fixes. No changes in the library this time, only in .cl files accompanying the examples.

Posted by Illusio 2010-09-22

OpenCL.Net 0.6.2 Released - nVidia fix

Finally got around to buying an nVidia card so I could debug issues on that platform. The library is usable on nVidia cards now. Both the Unit Tester and the Crossfader example work. There are still some issues, but I figured the simple fixes that made it usable was worth a release on its own while I work out the rest .

Have fun!

Posted by Illusio 2010-09-20

OpenCL 0.6.1 Released

Mostly a bugfix/code completion release focused around OpenCLManager.

Posted by Illusio 2010-09-12

OpenCL.Net 0.6 Released

OpenCL 1.1 support and other goodies. Check the release notes.

Have fun!

Posted by Illusio 2010-08-16

OpenCL 1.1 support in repository

As well as a fair amount of additional stuff.

OpenCLManager is starting to get usable.

Added a bunch of overloads to allow people to use int and long instead of IntPtr if they don't care about portability. Using the new overloaded functions drastically reduces the amount of casting required, which is nice.

Added a bunch of convenience functions for reading and writing data to buffers.

Some new stuff from OpenCL1.1 includes rectangular read,write,copy functions on buffers, user events, user specified callbacks from events.... read more

Posted by Illusio 2010-08-13

OpenCL.Net 0.5 Released

Includes some fixes for loading and saving binary images in the main API, as well as a preview sneak-peek at a new OpenCLManager component capable of automatically maintaining cached binaries of sources to avoid repeated compilation at every startup.

Posted by Illusio 2010-06-30

OpenCL.Net v0.4 Released

Image support included, as well as some improvements to examples. However, read the release note about the steps you may need to take to enable image support in your development environment. ATI's support for images is still very much beta.

Posted by Illusio 2010-04-20

Image support in SVN

OpenCL.Net now has preliminary support for images. I have not created a release with it yet(There should be a 0.4 in a few days, once I've cleaned up my test code), but people who feel adventurous can get the latest from the repository. You likely have to enable image support in the driver as well - see the changelog or ATI/nVidia documentation.

My own first impression was that it may be a bit early to ship applications using opencl image code. Several built-in functions are not present at all in ATI's implementation. However, you can read and write pixels using samplers etc, and this is so massively useful in itself that I'm sure some people will jump at the chance to try it.

Posted by Illusio 2010-03-09