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#2 Edit Skins

Graphism (7)

Hello, I have just discovered OpenCity and would really
like to help out making skins, pixel-art for buildings.
I like old-school games and appreciate doing pixel-art
in free time. Even though OpenVillage (hehe) looks very
promissing, and I was impressed by the realtime 3D and
its futur capabilities (you could really interact with
everything, since OpenMetropole is totally made up from
models) but the graphics lack quality.

This is not negative, and I agree building an engine
and coding is more important, but I think OpenCounty is
ready for some nicer Graphics (at least more random
tiles). This would probably encourage ppl to join,
since we all know graphics are *so* important.

So, if this is possible (oh yeah it is ;) could someone
get the skins out of the models, and put them up on the
site somewhere, so I could simply edit them, without
having to install the 3D equipement. This would make
my life alot easyier (with maybe a couple headaches
less) and would definitely encourage any newcomer to
edit them too, and make his own.

I think the picture is simple. For an answer, you can
simply right back at p_m_groarke [at] Thanx!


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    We have discussed about this with the lead graphist. We
    think that it's really difficult to work only on the
    textures like that. It's quite easier to create a new model
    with a new texture.


    • status: open --> closed