Mark and I were discussing this last night.  I think we can cover most of BRC from 2 40' masts with 2 sectors on each, especially if we run in the 900 band.  That's one mast on the 9:00 side and one on the 3:00 side.  I say this because last year we were reaching the man from 4:20 & D on a 30' mast with an omni.  We can get those up pretty fast with a boom truck, if we can borrow one, but we will need to package some 10W or 50W rack-mount units for outdoor installation.

We can also bring a couple of omni push-up masts for extra coverage, like at the airport.

On Jul 10, 2013, at 9:35 PM, Harvind Samra <> wrote:

Three options:

1) Run a smaller network of 2-3 nodes.

2) Friend-up with a camp that did get placement

3) Bail for this year.