I've given a bit of thought to doing something like this in Qt, but feel that some waiting is in order.

I think a good UI should be useful for an operator and a hacker, giving access to billing-type info, configuration options, and system events/diagnostic options.

A current implementation making minimal/no changes to the O.BTS source would basically pipe things through the CLI - some options, such as setting the channel and whatnot look like they don't like being changed without restarting the O.BTS core.

With the advent of 3.0 coming and the rumored usage of SQL, I suspect the interface mechanism will change from CLI redirection to maybe inspecting tables directly as seems to be preferred practice for some aspects of OpenBSC; additionally at some point it may be opportune to recode a few parts of O.BTS to allow all options tweak-able during run time.

In a nutshell, as a group we could probably identify a good feature set for such a UI but some changes under the hood would be necessary to couple it to all the right parts.

...just my $0.02

That having been said, I'm very interested to see your creation.


On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Daniel Mundall <va7drm@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get an ideal of how many of you are interested in an administration panel for OpenBTS(more specifically for managing users, minutes, and other billing related functions) 

I have started(maybe 40% done) work on a realtime mysql based one you can have a look at it here

Let me know what you guys think, and if any one would like the code, or SSH access to play around with the code let me know.

Thanks allot,

Daniel Mundall VA7DRM KE7VLV

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