Hi Users,

I am using WBX daughter board on USRP2 for my experiments with OpenBTS UHD.
I see my BTS goes deaf sometimes and doesn't receive anything from cell phones.
(using GSM 900 band)

As I found from Wiki, it could possibly be due to WBX board using two antennas (TX/RX and RX2)

                  USRPdevice.cpp (code has this line)
                  m_uRx->write_io(1,RX2_RX1N,RX2_RX1N); // using Rx2

In my testing, I am using only one antenna at RF1 output and did not connect anything at RF2
output of USRP2 board.

Is there any different patch available for OpenBTS UHD code to make use of single WBX antenna
at TX/RX both for Tx and Rx ??