how do you install java comms 2?

  • i cant seem to find any documentation on how to install java communications anywhere for windows. any ideas?

    • What is this used for exactly?

    • Adrián Romero
      Adrián Romero

      You can find java comm package and installation instructions in and in for linux.

      Java comm is used to print to ESC/POS printers and customer displays connected to a serial port.

      • im also having difficulty trying to install java comms- i've been trying for quite some time now- i really like the tina pos program but im battling to get it to print to my serial printer. is there some kind of reference for begginers that i could look at? thank you.

      • LMANN

        the print job is showing up in my queue but is not being printed. TinaPOS cannot communicate with the printer. All the installation information listed for Java.comm is not making sense for WinXP. Can someone help!?

      • wahoospa

        How can I get Tinapos to work with my serial printer in Windows XP? My printer works when I print in windows but not in Tinapos. I have installed the 3 files in the instructions.

    • Adrián Romero
      Adrián Romero

      Installing java comm is supposed to be easy. These steps are taken form the readme:

      1. Unzip the file
      1. Copy win32com.dll to your <JRE>\bin directory
      3. Copy comm.jar to your <JRE>\lib\ext directory.
      4. Copy to your <JRE>\lib directory.

      If you continue having problems, please write the details.

      • any linux version?

        basically here's how i do it:-

        cp -a comm.jar /usr/java/jre/lib/ext
        cp -a /usr/lib/
        cp -a /usr/java/jre/lib

        my problem is this error:-

        javax.comm: Error loading! 
        null  javax.comm: platform driver class name = null 
        (Check 'driver' property in 

    • Adrián Romero
      Adrián Romero

      Tina POS does not use the printer drivers nor the Windows XP printer queue. Tina POS writes directly to the serial port where the printer is connected. You must uninstall the printer drivers.

    • Adrián Romero
      Adrián Romero

      In linux you have to instal the rxtx version of the comm driver: There is also a how to in

      • I had managed to get commAPI work now. For Linux, do not go with the old version 2.0(solaris) as RXTX needed.....use from sun direct, version3.0 update 1.

        for it to work with Tina POS, you need to configure ie:- custmer display to "file" and use /dev/ttyS0 (for com1) . And do like wise for ESC/POS printer that connected to your com2 for example.

        hmm abit strange though as i can set it to "serial" thus "file" is used. Any idea why?

        Jason Benedict.

    • Adrián Romero
      Adrián Romero

      After installing Java Comm you must configure the printer in Tina POS. An example of the configuration is: printer "serial", port "COM1"