Nathan Whitmore

Welcome to OpenStim!

OpenStim is a project aimed at creating a fully functional, safe, and easy-to-use tDCS brain stimulator for less than $50. It's a pretty ambitious goal, and we're just starting out, but you're welcome to build an OpenStim now or check out the various components of the project.


Important:Read the [Safety Information] and the [Getting Started] guide before doing anything with OpenStim

Project Admins:

Note:Nathan would love to be able to provide support for everyone who uses OpenStim/ Unfortunately, however, handling the 20+ emails a day is often just not practical so you may not get a quick response. The best way to get quickly help with the OpenStim is on the tDCS subreddit


Wiki: Electrodes
Wiki: Firmware
Wiki: Getting Started
Wiki: Hardware
Wiki: Safety Information
Wiki: Software


  • Bruce

    Hi Nathan,
    I tried to find a place to submit bug reports, but couldn't. The ticketing system doesn't seem to have a way of submitting -- maybe that's a bug in itself. ;)

    Anyway, the OpenStim program doesn't work with Processing 2.x. The initial problem is with selectInput(), which has a new syntax in 2.x. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a Processing programmer, so I'm not sure if I can fix it, and I'm not sure if there are other problems as well.