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Read Me


| This software is still in development. (pre-alpha) |

Work is ongoing to provide a fully-functional distribution. Until
then weekly releases will be made to give all interested parties
access to the latest version.

Licence information
This software is licensed under the GNU Public Licence (v3). Please
see the "LICENCE" file for details of the terms, conditions and usage.

Change history
openBMD-0.2.7.tar.gz (2011-?-?)
* Added a class to handle the display of images in the upper portion of
the transcription page.

openBMD-0.2.6.tar.gz (2011-12-23)
* Compiled the DistrictList file to include over 18,000 official districts,
alternate spellings and volume numbers.
* Added two main helper methods to aid district transcription:
1. Districts are suggested as they are typed. Tabbing out of
a cell with a suggested district will auto-complete the district and
volume number in the respective columns.
2. Pressing the down arrow key on a cell with a suggested district will
call a pop-up menu showing a list of suggested districts. Selecting one
will auto-complete the district and volume number in the respective
* Districts which aren't found in the district list file can be typed
* The manifest file now directs the packager to include the district
file is packaged as part of the distribution.
* Fixed the get_district_picklist method - it now converts the string
'year' to a numeral to get at the appropriate volume set.
* Manually set the column widths to optimise the space provided.
* Debugged some more code to prevent recursion errors and to optimise
data entry.

openBMD-0.2.5.tar.gz (2011-11-10)
* Version control is now handled using GIT.
* Added a method called 'editor_text' to gather in real time, what
district the user is typing into the active cell editor. This
information will be used to generate a filtered list of districts
for the user to select from.
* The 'check order' method now properly looks at forenames and ignores
the forename cell on the last row if it is blank - i.e. the user has
typed a new entry.

openBMD-0.2.4.tar.gz (2011-10-20)
Continued work on the district pick-list:
* Gathered together the 'official' district and volume numbers from
the FreeBmd site for all districts beginning with the letter A.
* Looked at the best way to present this district pick-list to the user
to select from. So far the options I've looked at are using the
built-in 'GridCellChoiceEditor' (a type of combo-box) or to have a
custom pop-up menu triggered on each keystroke.

openBMD-0.2.3.tar.gz (2011-10-13)
Data entry improvements
* Extended the capitlise method to handle names punctuated with
full stops and names with apostrophes, e.g. derek c.n.d. is
automatically capitalised to Derek C.N.D,  and o'brien is
capitalised to O'Brien.
* Modified the capitalise method to ignore the +PAGE, +BREAK,
#COMMENT and #THEORY entries.
* Modified the check_order method to ignore the +PAGE, +BREAK,
#COMMENT and #THEORY entries.
* The check_order method now checks all entries for surname and
forename alphabetical order every time an entry is added or
updated. This is useful where a user adds a new row entry
in the middle of a range which affects the sequence validity
of entries below the new addition, or where a change to an
entry has an effect on the sequence elsewhere.
* Pressing shift+tab on the surname column 'wraps' up to the
previous row - mirroring the 'wrap' down feature implemented
* Started work on the district pick-list.

Bug fixes
* File opens and saves are now reported to the terminal /
command line interface with the correct time. This fixes the bug
where the time reported was when the application was run.

openBMD-0.2.2.tar.gz (2011-10-06)
Data entry
* Extended the method handling the notification of sequence errors
so that it now updates the status bar with a short message.
* Changed the character set encoding of the application to utf-8,
which means users can enter characters outside of the standard
ASCII set (127 characters). This is important for names that contain
'non-standard' characters.
* Included a capitalise method which add 'proper' capitalisation
to entries. This means that names entered in lowercase are
automatically converted to proper-case, e.g. 'dennis r.' is
converted to 'Dennis R.', and any leading or trailing spaces are
removed. It even works for names like McCoy and d'Aubigné.
Thanks to Tim Morgan (
for this method.

File input and output
* .bmd files are now saved using utf-8 character encoding instead of
the default locale defined by the operating system. This preserves
characters inputted to the grid that are outside of the ASCII
character range.
* Imported the codecs module to handle character set conversions
for file saves and opens; all string comparisons are done internally
in unicode.

Bug fixes
* Modified the name sequence checking method so that it is not
case-sensitive, addressing issues whereby names in lowercase were
considered to precede names with proper capitalisation even though
they lexically come afterward, i.e. 'xavier' < 'Addams'.
* Fixed the problem in Windows where tabbing onto a new row caused
the cell cursor to disappear behind the column label.
* Fixed a bug causing the capitalise and check_name_order methods
to be skipped when the user tabs into a new row.

openBMD-0.2.1.tar.gz (2011-09-29)
Made excellent progress toward developing the transcription grid to
provide more functionality and ease data input.

Added methods for the handling of grid data:
* The row delete method was expanded so that several rows can now
be deleted at the same time using the context menu on the row
labels. This method is able to handle sequential and non-sequential
grid rows.
* Included a method to handle clearing the of data from rows (without
deleting the rows themselves). This method can also handle cell
selections (individual and blocks of cells). This method is
accessible from a context menu from the row labels and grid cells.

Added / improve methods for easing data entry:
* Surnames and forenames are checked for alphabetic consistency when
the user tabs out of the cell. If an entry is found to be out of
alphabetic order the cell background is coloured red and a
tool-tip added to give a description of the error. The cell
background and tool-tips are resetted when the entry is corrected.
* Added context menu entries to permit the insertion of +PAGE,
+BREAK, #COMMENT and #THEORY rows, and modified the row highlight
method to include these entries.
* Adding a +PAGE row via the context menu automatically inserts an
incremented page number.
* Added a method that automatically copies the previous surname or
forename if the user tabs through an empty cell. This will help to
speed up the rate of entry transcriptions.

Fixed file input and output:
* Fixed the bug causing a file-naming dialog to appear every time
the .bmd file is saved - even when the file already has a name.
This dialog now only shows when saving a .bmd file for the
first time or 'save as' is selected.
* Fixed the bug causing rogue +PAGE entries being added to .bmd
transcript files on save.
* Added a method to notify any unsaved edits in the current file
by appending an asterisk to the file name in the window title, e.g.
'openBMD (1938B1A0001.bmd *)'
This marker is removed once the file is saved again.

openBMD-0.2.0.tar.gz (2011-09-22)
This is the first functional version of openBMD. :D

We're still in the pre-alpha stages as there is a lot of
functionality yet to be added, however this version can be used
to produce a fully-fledged .bmd transcript file ready for
uploading to the FreeBMD site.

We've celebrated this milestone by moving the version numbering up
to 0.2 series.

Here's a summary of changes since the last version...

Added an event handler to the grid to catch key down events:
* Tabbing to the end of the current row moves the cursor to the
beginning of the next row.
* Tabbing at the bottom-right of the grid creates a new row and
places the cursor at the start of the newly-created row.

Added a context (right-click) menu to the row labels:
* Highlights the selected row.
* Gives the user the choice to delete the row or insert a new one.
* Added an event handler and event method to deal with deleting
a row

Other changes:
* Populated the grid with nine rows of sample data taken from
a scan of the index of Births from Q4, 1938.
* Expanded the BMD_File module so that it includes grid entries
in the saved .bmd file.
* Fixed two bugs whereby the scan source and page number are
printed twice in the header lines of the saved .bmd file.
* Added in a method to read an opened .bmd file and populate
the transcription_details and transcription_page widgets with
the information. This now means that .bmd files can be created,
saved and then re-opened at a later stage.

openBMD-0.1.8.tar.gz (2011-09-15)
Continued work on the transcription page:
* Added a class to handle the wx.grid instance in the lower pane of the
transcription page - this will be where the user does most of their
transcribing activity.
* Added column labels to the wx.grid.

openBMD-0.1.7.tar.gz (2011-09-08)
* Started work on the transcription page; where the user will do most
of the work of transcribing entries.
* Added a splitter window to allow flexible viewing of the transcription
scan and the data entry fields.

openBMD-0.1.6.tar.gz (2011-09-01)
* Continued work on the class to handle reading and writing of .bmd files.

openBMD-0.1.5.tar.gz (2011-08-25)
* Added event methods for the edit menu items (undo, redo, cut, copy,
* Added file dialogs to handle opening and saving of files (though
they're not functional yet - still require methods to read and write
.bmd files)
* Removed the file naming methods out of the Main_Frame class and
placed them in the file writing class
* Fixed the bug that prevented loading the logo and icons when run
under Linux.

openBMD-0.1.4.tar.gz (2011-08-18)
* BMD transcript files are automatically named from the information given
in the 'transcription details' page. They follow the format:
Year | Event type initial | Quarter number | Volume letter | Page No.bmd,
i.e. 1945M2W0428.bmd
* Added validation to the page field to accept either numbers in the range
1 to 9999, or the occasional alphanumeric pages from 0001A to 9999Z.
* Added validation to the volume letter field to accept only alpha
* Continued work on the file writing class to write the header fields to
the .bmd file.

openBMD-0.1.3.tar.gz (2011-08-11)
* Added on-change event to the media combo-box on the transcription details
page that deactivates either the 'Reference', 'Range', or 'Number' fields
dependent on what option was selected. This is to help make data entry
quicker, easier and more self-explanatory.
* Started work on the class to write the header fields to the .bmd file.
* Designed a logo to accompany this project.

openBMD-0.1.2.tar.gz (2011-08-04)
* Finished laying out the transcription details entry fields in a more
user-friendly and logical fashion.
* Added the ability to read and write to a config.cfg file for long-term
storage of user-entered information.
* Added tool-tips to entry fields to advise what the fields are requesting
and to improve user-friendliness.

openBMD-0.1.1.tar.gz (2011-07-28)
* Re-factored the validation methods to classes in their own module.
* Started redesigning the transcription details page to make it more
user-friendly. (2011-07-21)
The first release. Currently nothing more than a user-details screen and
the beginnings of an idea for the transcription details page.