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Commit Date  
[r710] (HEAD) by chessing

Changed the color of the icon for "can't find the engine" from grey to black so it is easier to see on Windows XP.

2010-01-29 03:08:06 Tree
[r709] by galimorerpg

A few cleanups.

2009-09-12 06:57:37 Tree
[r708] by galimorerpg

Remove wctx assignment, since it's invalid. The interface hasn't been initialized yet, and wctx gets set later.

2009-09-12 05:44:27 Tree
[r707] by galimorerpg

Don't initialize wctx until we know that ctx isn't NULL.

2009-09-12 05:35:52 Tree
[r706] by galimorerpg

Fix build problem related to pdb fix.

2009-09-11 06:19:25 Tree
[r705] by galimorerpg

Fixes PDB creation.

2009-09-11 05:35:58 Tree
[r704] by chessing

Edited build script to use a newer version of libxml.

2009-09-01 15:10:37 Tree
[r703] by chessing

Bug 2832441 - fixed.
Bug 2482600 - fixed.

2009-08-14 02:14:41 Tree
[r702] by chessing

Bug 2832420 - fixed.

2009-08-08 19:39:33 Tree
[r701] by chessing

Bug 2820869 fixed.

2009-08-05 03:48:31 Tree
[r700] by chessing

Bug 2820870 fixed.

2009-07-15 20:53:37 Tree
[r699] by chessing

Bug 2819863 fixed.

2009-07-12 01:20:23 Tree
[r698] by chessing

Bug 2819846 fixed.

2009-07-10 22:06:30 Tree
[r697] by chessing

Some work on 2683931

2009-07-10 22:02:43 Tree
[r696] by chessing

Bug 2793306 - fixed.

2009-07-10 21:47:21 Tree
[r695] by chessing

Fixed the installer scripts for building on x64.

2009-07-10 21:15:48 Tree
[r694] by chessing

Bug 2796264 fixed.

2009-07-08 22:24:19 Tree
[r693] by chessing

More updates for the Linux installer.

2009-07-07 22:58:28 Tree
[r692] by chessing

Updated the BitRock installer stuff for Linux. It will now prompt with a window indicating actions that must be completed following installation. Also removed an annoying error message that wasn't useful.

2009-07-07 02:13:59 Tree
[r691] by chessing

Small code clean ups.

2009-06-29 19:45:23 Tree
[r690] by chessing

Bug 2807969 fixed.

2009-06-18 17:20:09 Tree
[r689] by chessing

Code cleanups.

2009-06-16 17:05:16 Tree
[r688] by chessing

Small fix to prevent a crash when there are no user certificates defined.

2009-06-15 03:24:12 Tree
[r687] by chessing

Added code to detect multiple instances of the supplicant/UI running and do the right thing.

2009-06-11 05:16:21 Tree
[r686] by chessing

Fixed a bad assumption about the 'best' BSSID to use on Linux.

2009-06-03 20:23:35 Tree
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