Pervasive DataBase

  • I'm testing with Pervasive and when use SQLQuery without DataSetProvider some fields are showing with dirt.
    Someone can help?


    • Probably you use dirty transactionses (xilDIRTYREAD) instead of xilREADCOMMITTED

    • No, I'm not use Transaction.
      I'm doing test simple with driver in Pervasive DB and Delphi 2007 (actually I use Delphi 2005 and Pervasive DB and aspire change Delphi 2007)
      I put SQLConnetion and SQLQuery in one form and read one table in my DB Pervasive, when I execute ShowMessage in one field with size 2 in SQLQuery
      Show: '01±H'    and correct '01'  (but this not happen all fields, only some)
      But I put DataSetProvider and ClientDataSet the fields show perfect in one DBGrid.


    • odbc driver allows the parameters of the join by default. If you connecting through system odbc dsn, that additional parameters of the join can be specified in him. Check ODBC DSN through system windows utility "Data Sources (ODBC)" (%SystemRoot%\system32\odbcad32.exe).

      • I check, but not have any parameters that resolve the problem.
        I think some bug in SQLQuery in delphi 2007, because only component have problem.