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Downloads for the 06FEB2009 version of OpenCOBOL 1.1

The 06FEB2009 version source code to OpenCOBOL 1.1 is available from this website (click "OpenCOBOL 1.1 pre-release" to the left).

The following downloads are all available by clicking the specified links to the Mediafire cloud storage site.


A complete "how to" guide for building your own OpenCOBOL environment on a Windows system via the (opensource) MinGW/MSYS Unix-emulator facility. UPDATED:
- 10 SEP 2010 - Includes a patch for the "Carriage-Return Inserted Into ACCEPTed Data" problem (see forum)


This is the latest available version (27 April 2010) of the OpenCOBOL programmer's guide meant for use with the 06FEB2009 version of OC 1.1. UPDATED:
- 18 SEP 2010 - Documentation added for the "COBCPY" compilation-time environment variable; also corrected broken hyperlinks


This is the latest documentation for the 06FEB2009-compatible version of the OCic full-screen compilation front-end. The OCic program is included in the Programmer's Guide to serve as a (large) example of an OpenCOBOL program. Note that the latest version of OCic (documented here) can generate expanded program source listings (listings with COPYed code included!) and full cross-reference listings (it does NOT use cobxref) that can show you not just where in your program you are referencing data items, files, procedures, etc. but also where in your program you are CHANGING THE VALUE OF data items! Check this out! UPDATED:
- 20 AUG 2010 - Updated to better document the cross-reference listing feature and the screen function keys (no functional changes were made to the actual program)


Here's the latest (23JUL2010) source code to the 06FEB2009-compatible version of the OCic program.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM MAY NOT COMPILE ON OC COMPILERS PRIOR TO THE 06FEB2009 VERSION OF OC 1.1 as it not only recognizes the language syntax and features of that version but also USES those features itself. Note that a similar problem may exist when compiling/using OCic in conjunction with MORE RECENT versions of OC.


This is a handy COPY module that contains an EVALUATE statement that will translate file status codes into text messages. This is needed by the OCic program (above).


This document shows how the TEXTPAD text editor (for Windows) can be transformed into an interactive developers environment (IDE) for OpenCOBOL programmers.

WINDOWS USERS - - - Want to get started QUICKLY with OpenCOBOL? This is just what you need. This 26Mb Windows ZIP file contains a complete OpenCOBOL 1.1 installation that's ready-to-run. It was built from the 06FEB2009 OC 1.1 distribution using the MinGW/MSYS Unix-emulator. It was built using Berkeley Database V5.0.26, GMP V5.0.1 and PDCurses V4.3 (with OC patches to enable all the color syntax to function perfectly).

The EXEs and DLLs have been run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems using both AMD and Intel processors with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Everything you need is there in the ZIP file, including all the other downloads on this page. After you download the file, read the OpenCOBOL-1.1-06FEB2009-MinGW-Distribution-README.PDF file for instructions on "installing" this distribution - five minutes after your download finishes, you're in business! UPDATED:
- 02 DEC 2010 - Updated with a replacement to the "libgmp-10.dll" file (in the "bin" folder); this should fix problems that some people with some older computers have been having where compiled OpenCOBOL programs refuse to execute. IF YOU'VE ALREADY INSTALLED A PREVIOUS VERSION OF THIS ZIP ON YOUR COMPUTER: You can download and expand this ZIP to any folder other than your OpenCOBOL folder (let's assume you expanded to "C:\Junk") and then simply copy C:\Junk\bin\libgmp-10.dll to your OpenCOBOL\bin folder.

  • 18 SEP 2010 - Updated with the latest (SEP 18) copy of the Programmers Guide (see above)
  • 10 SEP 2010 - Includes a fix for the "Carriage-Return Inserted Into ACCEPTed Data" problem (see forum)
  • 12 AUG 2010 - Includes revised OCic.pdf document (see above)


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