SourceForge taking some bad press over misleading ads

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  • Brian Tiffin
    Brian Tiffin

    Hello all,

    In particular, Windows people.

    Do we need to worry about this?

    with some background at

    We'll worry if this is an issue for GNU Cobol. I don't see it as a GNU/Linux user, but feedback would be appreciated. I like the forge, but it might be smart to look at alternatives for any binary distributions before we put anyone at risk. GNU Cobol will have a home on the GNU project Savannah site, so we already have another welcome mat.

    Opinions please. And for the most part, technical truth isn't the whole picture. It's opinion and perception too.


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  • Simon Sobisch
    Simon Sobisch

    Just my first thought's: I'm not very concerned:
    Most COBOL developers know what they're doing (at most likely have an Adblocker - which is always the first thing I install for all browsers I use).
    Every release will at least be uploaded to SF and Savannah, so users always have the option to choose.
    And if there is a windows binary uploaded and automatically wrapped by an installer it's more then likely (if the installer isn't rocking, which it doesn't seem to be at the moment) that I remove the download here, leaving it on Savannah only.