Will there be OO and COM support in GNU Cobol?

  • I mentioned GNU Cobol in the usenet newsgroup comp.lang.cobol, and got a response from Pete Dashwood in New Zealand. He wanted to know if GNU Cobol would support OO (I assume he meant according to the OO COBOL standard) and also Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). Are there plans to support them at some point?


  • Simon Sobisch
    Simon Sobisch

    It maybe sounds a little bit harsh but you can tell him GNU Cobol is willing to accept contributions for supporting both.
    OO according to the current/upcoming ISO standard would be nice but is likely to only be supported in the C++ branch - and I don't know of someone that currently wants to implement this.
    I'm not sure what he means with COM support, invite him to join this discussion and post some sample code (COM support via CALL should be no problem with a small C wrapper).




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