GNU Cobol 2.1 with Report Writer module

  • Brian Tiffin
    Brian Tiffin


    Posted a testing copy to svn, revision 119, (it's actually a fork from rev 68, and is shy some patches, but that'll be fixed) get it with

    svn checkout svn:// gnucobol-code
    cd gnucobol-code/branches/reportwriter

    Once under branches, reportwriter.

    make check
    # if happy
    sudo make install
    sudo ldconfig
    cd tests/cobol85
    cat README
    # snag a copy of newcob.val from NIST
    #   Download the test archive `newcob.val.Z' from
    #   Uncompress it (in the tests/cobol85 subdir)
    #        uncompress newcob.val.Z
    make test
    # and you should see a line with RW 6 programs 42 tests and
    # ...
    Total executed programs : 424 - Total performed tests : 9752
    Comparing total test results
    diff ./summary.txt summary.log

    And fancy old school Report Writer is yours for the umm, reporting. for testing reporting really. Don't run any banks with this just yet.

    See for a nice sample, and link to a Report Writer tutorial. (A tutorial written for the COBOL supported by the Hercules big iron emulator works just great with Ron's new module). Module is an understatement, this is compiler writer territory.


    Simon, I took the step of bumping Report Writer to GNU Cobol 2.1

    Umm, I also think I lost the file timestamps, so... I'll have to see about fixing

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