Hello Haiku Developers,

My name is Aldrin and I am a second year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Today in one of my classes my professor made the announcement that Haiku OS was part of Google Summer of Code and looking for volunteers. I'm not sure if this project is still looking for more developers but I would like to try and contribute what I can.

My main interest with this project lies in kernel programming, or something along those lines. Last quarter I took an intro operating systems class and enjoyed it. I am taking the second part of that course this quarter, and think that this project would fit me perfectly. However, I am fairly busy with classes, working on satellite projects at school, work, and other extracurriculars. But I believe that since most of the development for this project will take place during the summer, I will have enough free time (maybe 10 - 15 hours per week minimum) to contribute a moderate amount of source code or debug any existing code.

My experience includes programming in C and Java. I have some exposure to bash scripting, Perl, and Python. Also, for my operating systems class last quarter I did some minor kernel programming for the linux 2.6.15 kernel under the Suse10 OS.

I am willing to work hard to learn all I need to know about kernel programming for the Haiku OS and hope that although I am applying quite late, and have not done anything for the project so far, I may be selected to become part of the kernel developing team.

Aldrin Montana