Will OpenBeOS work on newer systems?

  • astroraptor

    I have a 1.6GHz AthlonXP 1900+, 256Mb RAM, an ATI Radeon 8500, a built-in Realtek 8139 NIC, and a SoundBlaster Audigy. Any chance that all this hardware might work in OpenBeOS's final product?

    • We hope so, but it depends on hardware manufactures, we cant do much without the specs for the hardware. But its not as bleak as it sounds, as Be Untied are setting them selves up to handle hardware manufactures.

      1.6GHz AthlonXP 1900+

      I believe (dont know for sure, I dont own) that patch is already available for r5.

      Realtek 8139 NIC

      Standard stuff, so should be.


      If it emulates a SB16 then itll bleep at you at the very least. If the specs are available itll do much more.


    • I used the patch for R5 and it worked, but it was very annoying getting things to work, because you need this "mini-be" thing to patch. It took me approx. two hours to get two installations and another hour to patch and run my R5.