BeOS Fundation ? :P

  • hey im new on this forum and ive got stupid question :P
    maybe we as funs of beos we can do like blender funs ?
    they created blender fundation, gather money and repurchased blender source and open sources it ? :)
    maybe if we gather some 'good' sum palmsource will sell it to us ? :)

    • They wouldn't do it anyway, since BeOS contained licensed code that would have to be ripped out before they could release it. That would mean additional work and research on the part of Palm. So your proposal is impossible, unless Melissa Gates decides to get divorced and spend some money on OBOS as a revenge - or something.

      And even if it would be possible, I'd think, given the progress already achieved, the money would be better spent continuing the current OBOS development and getting some financial reward to those who have sacrificed so much of their spare time for this project.


    • Bill Davenport
      Bill Davenport

      I could see some benefits for such an effort:

      1. Purchasing
      2. Puchasing pieces of unused or licensed code from Palm Source might prove worthwhile. It would offer some great insight.  For instance, some game developers license thier code to other dev. @ a $$ for other platforms. Hyperion comes to mind.
      3. Financial Reward or possible employment (Simular to the AOL -> Mozilla model)

    • MichaelPhipps

      Part of the point of creating a non-profit organization is so that we can do some of these things. We will not be byuying We won't be buying BeOS source code. But code bounties and other development related  activities may be pursued. Sorry to be vague, but the admin team hasn't discussed it in detail and I haven't done the legwork with lawyers and accountants on it yet. All of that will come after the non-profit status is granted. And no, I still don't know when that will be. :-)

      • Bill Davenport
        Bill Davenport


        I hope that NFP status will come soon.  I do see your point --move forward not backward--sheez what was I thinking?

        Another thought that came to me is "don't water down what we have."  The BeOS community is in need of funds and we have focused groups working hard to create a plan that will be the pillars of BeOS in the future.  So when I do have some cash that I want to donate I know that it will be used wisely and will make a difference.

        So hats off to you, Michael and the team.
        Also, thanks for listening and replying.