Dim Scoffer

  • Greet the developer OBOS!

    In community BEOS I have entered recently, and therefore only has now learned;learnted of conducted no time You action "Offer name for new OS!".

    This is because name "BEOS" did not attract me from the very beginning.

    It, to my mind, does not contain it is enough information, no in him "flavors".

    And therefore although passed already nearly year, I offer You new name, which,I think  , will satisfy the potential buyer.

    Offer the name "DROMOS".

    Why? Here is his(its) positive sides:

    1) On itself word carries information -in translation with ancient greece it means "run, way";

    2)End of the word to be kept the combination of the letters OS -" operating system";

    3) Can be expressed as abbreviation

    D atalogical
    R eliable
    O bject - oriented (or open)
    M edia
    O perating
    S ystem         - or offer other variant

    4)Part of word "DROM" is associated with than that flight (aerodrome, cosmodrome)

    Hope, my idea to come you on taste.

    Forgive for my english, I live in Ukraine, wrote the letter with electronic dictionary.

    • lichtgestalt

      Hey, Dim!

      Personally I like the name you came up with, "DROMOS". Unfortunately, or actually "luckily" really, a name has been chosen about a year ago. A non-profit organisation with that name is being established and the last formalities and bureaucratic hurdles are being taken right now. So the official announcement should be imminent... more or less, you know the twisty ways of the state-approved paper-shufflers. :)