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#91 Possible Print Server Bug

Cian Duffy

The print kit, I guess the server in particular, seems
to have a serious buffer overflow. However, it might be
the print driver - Binkjet When printing a 20 page PDF,
the document failed at 20 pages, then after 10, 6, 4,
2, 2, etc. after each restart. This does happen to a
fashion on the normal R5 kit (though it may get to 50
before happening). On Dano with Deskjet driver, this
does not happen at all.


  • MichaelPhipps

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    Can not reproduce.

    Does the printer start printing or does it fail earlier? Or
    in other words: I guess you used BePDF for printing. Did the
    progress bar in the printing status window reach 100%?

    What do you mean with restart?

    Does it also fail if you print first pages 1-10 and then 11-20?

    BTW when you are testing it should not matter whether you
    are printing to a file or to a "real" printer.