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#19 3.10 RexxStart bombs when runtime linked

vlad almendinger

My application uses object rexx for scripting tasks
and I am trying to move it to version 3.10. The
application is Win32-based and and links to rexx.dll
and rexxapi.dll at runtime. I have put all the
required runtime components into a private folder
which is referenced in the PATH variable as ..\oorexx.

Under 300, the dlls load and link and execute
perfectly (as they have under all previous versions),

Under 301, the dlls also load and link, but the very
first call to RexxStart fails. I provide additional
data in the attached file (since I don't have symbols
for the two dlls, the info may not shed much light on
the problem). I am not running the RexxApi service;
the rexx environment is strictly defined by the
contents of the oorexx folder and the PATH reference
to it.

I have switched between the 3.00 and 3.10 environments
(by renaming the 300 and 301 folders to "oorexx")
repeatedly to reproduce the problem without fail. I
have made no changes in my application, so I must
assume the problem is with 310.

At this point I am clueless as to how to get around
this problem (other than continue running with version
301). I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you
might have on this issue.


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    I should add that since I have deinstalled 3.10 (since I am running from a "private" folder) I have
    subsequently set the REXX_HOME and PATHEXT variables to the proper values. It made no difference,

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    I further notice that I have referred to version 301 when I meant that the problem is with version
    3.1.0, repeat 3.1.0

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

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    Vlad (if that is your name - sorry if it isn't <gri>)

    1.) Did you try running the 3.1.1 version of ooRexx?

    2.) Is it possible to attach a copy of your program, with some directions on its use? Just the executable. If so, I will use it to take a look and see if I can help.

  • Mark Miesfeld
    Mark Miesfeld

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    Closing this as out of date. The requestor has not responded back after an offer of help.



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