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David Ashley
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I installed ooRexx 3.0.1 on Windows XP and I cannot
make RxFTP work properly.
The RxFTP sample program from the RxFTP.pdf manual
fails with the message:

C:\rexx>rexx rxftp.rex
10 - myftp = .rxftp~new()
Error 97 running C:\rexx\rxftp.rex line 10: Object
method not found
Error 97.1: Object ".RXFTP" does not understand
message "NEW"

I have problems making FTPLoadFuncs call work. It is
apparently unknown to this wersion of ooRexx.
Can rxftp be included as a .dll and be called using
call statements as of traditional rexx coding?


  • David Ashley
    David Ashley

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    The old IBM rxftp.dll source code was not turned over to the
    ooRexx team by IBM. So we chose to implement the FTP
    functionality as an ooRexx class. This makes it easier to
    maintain and allows anyone to change the behavior of the class.

    Be sure to read the documentation for the class before
    attempting to use the class. If you are still having
    problems then please append to this support request again
    and attach the entire source for you program.

    Please not that the sample program in the documentation MUST
    BE MODIFIED before it can be used without errors.

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    I have uploaded 6 files to this incident. 3 rexx files and 3
    messages files.
    The sample (from the rxftp manual) fails when it reaches the
    "rxftp new" statement. The manual states that rxsock must be
    loaded before rxftp is used. This is done in rxftpsample2
    rexx and messages file. It still fails in the "rxftp new"
    The manual says ":: requires rxftp" will do the trick. It
    does not do the trick. the rxftpsample3 rexx and messages
    file shows that rexx cannot evaluate a simple assignment
    statement after the ::requires statement.
    Why do rexx miss the ability evaluate a statement after the
    ::requires statement is issued.
    (I have written quite a lot of rexx code before, on os/2,
    os/390 and windows. but I cannot get this to work on my own pc).

  • David Ashley
    David Ashley

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    You need to move the ::requires directive to the bottom of
    all the sample files you submitted. I will fix the example
    in the documentation so that this is shown better.



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