All -

I have been working on the build process for ooRexx today. The goal of all of this is to be able to compile ooRexx on Windows using the *nix build utilities under Cygwin on Windows. I did some experimenting earlier this week and discovered a really simple method of using the *nix build utilities under Cygwin to build ooRexx using the standard Microsoft compiler and SDK (no gcc, no cygwin.dll needed). All this work is in preparation for performing this type of build.

As a by product I have fixed one or two items as well. Here is what I have accomplished so far.

- The file has been heavily modified and there are more modifications coming.
- The file has been modified.
- Installing the samples on *nix only partially works. I intend to fix this.
- The distribution tar and zip files now contain all the samples (yeah!).
- Some simple changes to have been made to support Windows.

Right now I am only concentration on the *nix build but all of the changes are for making everting platform independent. After I get the *nix changes in I will start on the Windows changes.

Mark - I will really need your help in getting the Windows stuff correct and of course a lot of testing will need to be done to determine that all this works :-)

W. David Ashley
IBM Systems and Technology Group Lab Services
Open Object Rexx Team
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