(Apologies in advance if I've sent this to an inappropriate list)
Is it possible to pass an instance of an object from an externally called routine back to the parent routine? If so, how?
Assume two separate REXX routines (separate files):  MAIN.rex and LOGGER.rex.
I'd like to be able to, from MAIN, call LOGGER (passing it a file name), and have LOGGER create an instance of a stream object, open the file, and then pass the stream object back to MAIN at which point MAIN would be able to use the stream object to write to the file (or perhaps pass it to other external routines that would also be able to use it).
I'm already doing this with LOGGER being a routine that is part of MAIN (both located in the same file), but I want to be able to break LOGGER out into a separate file.
Is this possible?
I've been writing and using REXX for many years in the mainframe environment so I'm quite familiar with the core language, but the facilities of ooREXX are still somewhat new to me.

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