I've got a List View (subclassed from RcDialog) with three columns where I set styles in intiDialog as follows:
lvCustomers = self~newListView("IDC_CUSTLIST_LIST");
lvCustomers~addExtendedStyle(GRIDLINES FULLROWSELECT)
I noticed that when I clicked the column headers, nothing happened - although the headers sort of look like buttons, and when clicked appear to be depressed like buttons. This didn't surprise me. So to avoid giving the user the idea that something wasn't working, I thought to suppress at least the look & feel of the headers by adding, immediately after the ~addExtendedStyle()
statement (I also tried immediately before) the following:
I expected to see a visible difference in the dialog appearance and header-click behavior. But there was no perceptible difference. 
Am I misreading the ooDialog reference, or is there a bug?
Many thanks,
PS: The code (without the ~addStyle) is in the Guide exercises: Exercise06\Customer\CustomerListView.rex.