The other day I was enthusing about the advantages of ooRexx to a chap who was well-versed in computer languages.
The next time we spoke, he said,
"Well, I downloaded ooRexx and nothing happened. No icon on the desktop, no nothing. Waste of time imho."
I did try to convince him to look at "Try Rexx", but he couldn't be bothered: "Nah", he said, "If it's any good it would have told me about when I installed it." 
This reaction has lead me to believe that, if we want to spread the ooRexx word, we need a better way of showing people its advantages. For example, put an icon on the desktop that fires up "Try Rexx". (But why not "Try ooRexx?")
Btw, I tried "Try Rexx (GUI)" and typed "dir" as suggested in the command prompt, but when I ran it I got an error. While this did not surprise me, it would certainly fail the test of least asonishment for a newbie to ooRexx.
Now I'm not volunteering at this time to provide a better intro to a potential ooRexx user. But if no-one fixes this before I've finished the ooDialog Guide, then I hereby volunteer to have a go at it then. Assuming it's agreed that a fix is needed of course.
Oliver Sims