You really would save a lot of time if you just opened bug reports for these sorts of things.  I get really tired of the "should I open a bug report dance".  Frankly, I will rarely even look at things like this until it is in the system.


On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 6:21 PM, Walter Pachl <> wrote:
While studying I noticed these points in rexxref.pdf: init >>-init(--size--)><
should be new push
If option is 'Unique', any matching item already in the queue ...
should be items (plural) queue
also plural resize
If the previous size was larger than newSize, any extra items are removed in
the specified order.
should be
If there are more than newSize items in the queue...

First-in, first-out. This keeps the most recently added items.
The order of inserting is not relevant!!! The items on top are removed... Example
u~resize(2, "LILO")
should be
u~resize(2, "LIFO") (although it's ireelevant)

Would you agree?

By the way: I can't make use of s after s=cq~supplier
Can you provide an example??

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