An improvement to this is already in the development trunk and will be available on a future release.  Here's an example of how the new entries look: 

     1 *-* t = .test~new
       >>>   "a TEST"
     2 *-* t~tracer
       >I> Method TRACER with scope "TEST" in package C:\ORexxDev\testtrace.rex
     8 *-* expose last
     9 *-* use arg last
    10 *-* say last
       >>>   "LAST"
     3 *-* call tracetest
       >I> Routine TRACETEST in package C:\ORexxDev\testtrace.rex
    13 *-* use arg last
    14 *-* say last
       >>>   "LAST"

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 5:27 PM, <> wrote:
If I add

::options trace '?R'

to a program a line like following is displayed when a method is

"WindowsNT METHOD C:\PRGM\rexx\SnfIL.rx"

Alas the method name is not displayed. Even if only novices do
need such things it would be a advantageous to show the method
name also. Yes, I see, it is just the result from Parse Source
what was sufficient in times without methods.

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