On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 11:33 AM, Roger Bilau <sf@bilau.de> wrote:


I currently test a file input routine:

trace I

Path = "scm.in_i"

file1=.stream~new(path)                                           /* Create a stream object for the file */

say rc


say ec errortext(2)

do while file1~lines<>0

                               in = file1~linein                                                /* Write a line to the file */

                               say in




Because I want to handle the situation if the input file is not available I changed the name of the input file to something

that didn’t exist and got the message after file1~open(“read”) ‘ERROR:2’


But ERROR:2 is nowhere described - in the reference guide I couldn’t found it  and errortext(2) didn’t know it.

2 is the return code given back from the system when the file was opened.  This is not a Rexx error number, so errortext() will not return anything useful for you.  For many standard errors, you can find out what it means using the description method.  Try "say file1~description".  It will display: 

ERROR:2 No such file or directory





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