My last question there about running 32-bit ooRexx got me thinking.  So I installed 32-bit ooRexx on my 64-bit system and a 32-bit ooDialog.  And I get the crash.

Unfortunately, the 32-bit builds are release builds with no debugging information, so I can't make any progress on this right now.

The official 32-bit releases are built on a 32-bit XP system.  There may be some conflict there when running them on Windows 7.

I may have to rethink the build process on Windows.

You had a lot of questions but you don't seem to need the answer to the from what I understand. But yes, I'm building from source. I've prepared a special make file that I compare with the one that you ship to ensure that any new stuff gets compiled, and so far no problems with that. I'm still running 32-bit ooRexx because I've got some old Rexx/SQL (32-bit) stuff still that I haven't moved to ooSQLite yet, but I'm working on it. And yes, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. But even though I build locally I get the crash, so I guess there is no XP-Win7 issue here.