On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 3:11 PM, Rick McGuire <object.rexx@gmail.com> wrote:

Change your test to this

a~append("::routine speak public")
a~append("say 'hi this is me'")
a~append("say 'bye'")
a~append("return 0")
r = speak()

and try it.

Although I just did and it didn't work as I expected.  But, it is more like what I think should work.

Mark, speak() did not work because creating the package does not automatically add the package to the current context.  You'd need to add  


to add it to the namespace. 

Thanks, that makes sense.  I was just trying to use loadPackage( 'package1').  Which doesn't work either because the arg is a file name, not the name given in new().

Makr Miesfeld