On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 2:33 PM, Sahananda (Jon) Wolfers <sahananda@windhorse.biz> wrote:
I know that you're thinking about the lower level now, but consider an array of directories as then one can refer to columns by name.  I know there are some interfaces (like windows ADODBC, and I seem to recall JDBC was a bit like this) where you have to work really hard to fetch each row, and then you have to work really hard to fetch each field from the row.  It feels a whole lot more rexxish to me to be able to say


do row over osql~rows
   if row['name'] = 'Smith' then do ... end

Well, I think the above is close to what I have now:
results = osql~exec(myQuery)
do row over results
  if row[2] = 'Smith' then do ... end
What I was saying was that it wouldn't be too hard at this point to let the user specify if the returned result set was an array of arrays or an array of directory objects.
Mark Miesfeld