Installation packages for ooDialog 4.2.3, final release candidate, are now available on SourceForge at:

The ooDialog 4.2.3 release is a routine update, providing some incremental improvements and a few bug fixes.

ooDialog 4.2.3 can be installed to any ooRexx installation, 4.1.0 or later.

4.2.3 has been in beta now for over 3 weeks with only 1 minor bug reported and fixed.  Unless some other bugs are reported in the next few days, it is anticipated that the official release version of ooDialog 4.2.3 will be done on Christmas day 2013.

This may be your last chance to ensure your ooDialog applications run correctly before the official release.  If problems are discovered please report them immediately using the SourceForge bug tracker at:

The ooRexx Development Team