On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 9:52 AM, Michael Lueck <mlueck@lueckdatasystems.com> wrote:
Greetings Mark,

Mark Miesfeld wrote:
> You should submit it to Comodo AV/FW as a false positive.

After I sent my email I discovered on the right-click menu a way to do exactly that, and have done so.

Unfortunately there are several anti-virus programs that are reporting false positives on a few of the files in the distribution or the installer.

In all of the cases, if anti-virus program A reports fileX as infected, when anti-virus programs B, C, D, and E scan fileX they report it as clean.  Also, in all cases when fileX is sent to anti-virus program A as a false positive, the anti-virus program A comes back and says yes, this is a false positive.
It is better for the owner / user of anti-virus program A reports it directly.

Mark Miesfeld