On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:12 PM, Art Heimsoth <artstore@artheimsoth.com> wrote:

Do you have any plans to support the FileNameDialog to return the file name
when it is not an existing file instead of giving a popup error message in
a future update?  

I have plans to add an interface to the newer Common Item Dialog which is the Vista / Windows 7 version of the open / save file dialog.  

I'm not sure if that supports what you want or not

I will probably just leave the existing FilnNameDialog alone

There is a sample .oleObject that uses the
UserAccounts.CommonDialog that works well for what I am trying, but
the UserAccounts.CommonDialog is no longer available after XP.

Is this a sample we distribute with ooRexx?  If you give me the name so I can look at it, I'll try to support what you want with the Open Item Dialog.  Which it already may do.  Open Item Dialog is similar to the browse for folder I just did, as it is also a COM object.  It may be an extension or enhancement of the UserAccounts.CommonDialog.
 I can
use an EditText control with some prompts, but having a dialog would
look and work much better for me.  Should I submit this as a req?

Yeah, you should.  ;-)  If you can attach a small example to the RFE that demonstrates what feature from the UserAccounts.CommonDialgo you would like to see, that would help.

Since the UserAccounts.CommonDialog and the Open Item Dialog are both implemented through COM, I'm  guessing they have similar features.

Mark Miesfeld