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I believe you can fix this by getting the tool tip, see the getToolTips() method, in initDialog.  Then use the setMaxTipWidth() method.  Read the doc on the method.  Basically if you set the width properly, the tool tip should wrap the lines.

Just to confirm that I'm talking about LABELTIP, not TOOLTIP, so are LABELTIPs controlled using tooltip methods as well?

In a list-view, the label tips are displayed using a tool tip control.  The list-view creates a tool tip control and uses that to display the label tips.  The Rexx getToolTips() method returns a Rexx ToolTip object that represents the underlying tool tip control used by the list-view.

Once you have that Rexx ToolTip object, you can use the methods of the ToolTip to manipulate the underlying tool tip control.

So, in theory, what I said in the previous post should work.  I have tested that the Listview::getToolTips() method gets a tool tip.  But, I haven't tested the exact scenario you brought up.  I'm confident it should work.

Mark Miesfeld



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