Okay, I worked out the build problems, I think.

If you update your source tree from:


You should be able to build either 32-bit or 64-bit without problems.  I did a cross-compile 32-bit build and put both a 64-bit and 32-bit Windows distribution on SourceForge at:


For the lack of a svn info problem:  when the build is run, it creates a file: src/ooSQLite.ver.incl

If there is no svn info on your system, the first time this file is created it will have in it:


Once that file is created, you can edit the lines to, for example:


The build no longer deletes that file when there is no svn info.  So you can manually update the file if you want to keep your version string somewhat up-to-date. 

If you want the version string updated automatically, then you will have to install a svn command line client.

Please test the pre-built 32-bit package if you want to.  I can not test it until this weekend, but it should be good.

These methods / functions have been added to ooSQLite:

.ooSQLite~encryptionAvailable  (class method of .ooSQLite)

ooSQLiteEncryptionAvailable  (function)

They both take no arguments and return .true when the Botan cryptographic library is linked in, and return .false otherwise.

The version method and function for the One-line format return this when the Botan library is linked in:

ooSQLite Version (64 bit) (Encryption enabled)

and this for the full format when the library is linked in:

ooSQLite: ooSQLite Version (64 bit) (Encryption enabled)
          Built Oct 22 2012 19:14:40
          Copyright (c) RexxLA 2012-2012.
          All Rights Reserved.

Rexx:     Open Object Rexx Version 4.2.0

SQLite:   SQLite Library Version
          2012-10-04 19:37:12

If the library is not linked in, then the  (Encryption enabled) substring is simply missing.

Let me know if there are any more problems, I don't have time to do much testing of this right now.

Mark Miesfeld