Hi Rick,
(I was going to open a bug so you could look at this later, but then towards the end, I realized what might be the problem, so I just took the bug text and pasted it in here.)

Can you take a look at this when you're back home and have some time.  Raised conditions are no longer being printed to the console.  Take a simple example:

  say 'in Rexx'

Normally you would expect:

in Rexx
     4 *-* rock~put()
Error 97 running C:\work.ooRexx\qt.rex line 4:  Object method not fo
Error 97.1:  Object "ROCK" does not understand message "PUT"

But in trunk you get:

in Rexx


I looked at it in the debugger and I can see the condition object getting filled in with all the correct information.  And in a more complex example I can see the condition being propagated up.  But nothing prints.

While writing this, I realized - is this a result of using RexxCreateInterpreter() instead of RexxStart()?  Probably.
Is there an easy way to get the normal error messages printed to the console?
Mark Miesfeld