On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 5:54 PM, Art Heimsoth <artstore@artheimsoth.com> wrote:
I have an ooDialog application that I have tested on different systems and
have found an operational difference that I don't understand.  I have
several LTEXT controls and some LISTBOX controls built into a RC file.
I use the LTEXT to build column headings for the detail data that is placed
in the LISTBOX and the LTEXT static to use "Courier New", 10, "BOLD" and
the LISTBOX to use "Courier New", 10.  When running on an XP system,
the LTEXT and LISTBOX both "fit" into the main dialog window, but when
on a Win7 system (either 32 or 64 bit), the static text and also the text
data added to the LISTBOX exceed the width of the containing element.
I then added getTextSizePx calls for the text that is in each of a sample
of the static text and the listbox.  On the Win7 system, the sample for
the static text was a width of 80 while on the XP it is 64 and the listbox
item is 620 for the width on the Win7 system while it is 496 on the XP.
That equates to the XP being less pixels by 4/5 of the Win7, yet the
main dialog appears to be the same size.  

Hi Art,

There are a number of different things at play here.  I have several speculations, but it is just speculation.  ;-)

If you had an example program you could send me, I'll run it on my Windows 7 system and on my XP.  I can probably give you an answer based on facts then.

Mark Miesfeld