On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 8:07 AM, Art Heimsoth <artstore@artheimsoth.com> wrote:
I am using NSIS for the install script for my Rexx program and associated
files.  I have tried with it to get the icon that I supply to show with the
icon that is setup on the desktop and in the Start Menu folder, but have
not been successful.  Is there a way in my ooRexx program that I can change
the default Icon that is displayed in the .lnk file - if so, I could use that to
change it on the initial execution of the ooRexx program.  

Hi Art,

You are not going to have much luck with that, I don't think.  The Windows shell is always going to want an executable or DLL with the icon bound into it, and the index of that icon, I believe.

Your best bet would be to compile a resource only DLL and bind the icon to that.  Then use that DLL as the icon file name with the index you use for the icon resource.

Compiling a resource only DLL is really pretty simple.  If you have a working NSIS install script, you can easily compile a resource only DLL.  It just involves downloading and installing a Windows SDK.  The SDK is free.

Oliver Sims who is writing the ooDialog User Guide, has mastered that.  I'm sure he would answer any questions concerning the details.

You could look at the winsystm.cls, where the WindowsProgramManager class has the addDesktopIcon method. It might help, but I think not.  I think the Windows Shell requires the icon to be in a compiled resource.  It is not going to load an icon from an icon file.

Mark Miesfeld