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Do I overlook a detail? - The sequence

editObject~select               /* select all text */
editObject~clearText            /* discard selected text */

should wipe out all text from an edit control. Using Win7 Starter
Edition this works fine if the edit control is not created with
style READONLY. With READONLY the text is selected but not erased.

In the manual I did not find a hint about this variable behaviour.
editObject~setText('')  works in either case.

Just go with what works.  ;-)

The clearText method uses the clipboard for clearing text.  The system sees that the edit control is read only, so it won't let you alter the text.  And deleting the text is altering it.

The setText() method on the other hand programmatically sets the text in the edit control, so it works.  When an edit control is read only, the system prevents the *user* from altering the text.  But, it does not prevent the *application* from altering the text.  Using the clearText method simulates the user choosing clear text from a system menu, which is why it doesn't work for read only edit controls.

Mark Miesfeld