Thank you for the quick reply on the precision.  Sorry for missing the maximum limit of 16 places.  I honestly didn't see it, while reading through the documentation (and that is on me).

On the other issue, I'll look at coming up with a similar, but simpler way of looking at the issue.  Maybe it is normal the same math formula to have such wildly different performance (e.g. 10X).  I guess it would take longer to multiple 100 * 101 than 5 * 4.  I just thought it wouldn't be so great of a difference to cause a 2 hour run to take 26 hours and the precision be the same (e.g. 30,000).

Yeah, I know Rexx isn't the right language to be doing major math calculations, such as Pi . . . Right!??

Take care and again thanks for helping on the precision,


P.S.  Is there some place where I can read (e.g. maybe a design document or similar) on how Rexx handles variables internally?  I'm asking as my Pi program is taking ~2.0 GB of RAM at a numeric precision of 100,000.  Having this information might allow me to estimate during the design phase how much physical memory a design under consideration will use -- before actually having to code it.