Today, I downloaded and ran RexxCPS just for fun and my results were:

Mon 03/03/2014  9:49:15.39 >rexxcps
----- REXXCPS 2.2 -- Measuring REXX clauses/second -----
 REXX version is: REXX-ooRexx_4.2.0(MT)_64-bit 6.04 30 Jan 2014
       System is: WindowsNT
       Averaging: 10 measures of 30 iterations

     Performance: 3,750,000 REXX clauses per second
Mon 03/03/2014  9:49:16.99 >

Just FYI:  System is:
Dell Workstation 390
Processor:  Intel Quad Q6700 (2.66Ghz)
RAM:          8GB
OS:             Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Rexx:          REXX-ooRexx_4.2.0(MT)_64-bit 6.04 30 Jan 2014

I realized this benchmark has a "narrow" viewpoint on testing Rexx and the various platforms people use with Rexx.  What also matters are the various aspects people use in their programs, such as:  I/O (Disk, Network, Console, Graphics, etc), use of workers, etc.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of other Rexx benchmark programs beyond RexxCPS OR has an interest in discussing what requirements would exist for wider ranging / view benchmark for Rexx?

Thank you,

Bertram Moshier