Hello Hobart Spitz,

Thank you for your reply. :-)  I have yet to read it in depth.  I'm replying quickly because while you provide very interesting and (I'm sure) useful information, I'm thinking more along the line of actual physical / virtual usage.

On my 8 GB system (with a 40GB paging area), I notice some Rexx programs I wrote can cause excessive paging and thus really slow down.  Of course some programming changes (such as dropping variables) helps, but I would appreciate a better understand of how ooRexx memory usage works in respect to I guess NOW -- strings (both character only and numbers -- if that even makes a difference).  One aspect of numbers, of course, is the Numeric statement and how say "numeric digits 1000000" or even "numeric digits 10000000" (that's 1 and 10 million), etc.

Honestly, I'm also wondering in a more general term for memory usage, too, and not just numbers / numeric.  I have need (IN SOME CASES) to reference large amounts of data and would like to, well, do a better job, by understanding and hopefully writing better code based upon a better understanding.

Anyway, any help would be great. :-)