No and No

Trace I for intermediates
Trace R for results only
Trace R or I with a ? for interactive, which pauses after each command.

The difference between I and R is as follows:

A = B + C + D

For Trace I, you will see the values for B and C, and the result of the addition, then the values for that and D and the result of that addition

For Trace R, you will simple see the final result of the additions

Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 5:24 PM
Subject: Re: [Oorexx-announce] Failure

I'm not particularly current in the OOREXX implementation, but I spent a lot of years doing Rexx in VM/CMS.

TRACE I         -- 'I' for 'Interactive'.  Pauses after each instruction.

On some other platforms (most DOS/Windows implementations I've seen) there's also the '?' prefix, but I don't recall having it, let alone needing it in VM/CMS.  On the other hand, the last time I worked in that environment was 1996....

Does this help?

William Lightner

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