Yes, I saw it. I also got a lot of warnings,when I sent the output from the testsuite, that the mail was to large (<40K). I did a resend a couple of times to adopt to the size allowed.
I also rebuilt ooRexx after Rick's commit this morning and if I understand your message correct the "only problem" left was the time test which seems to be unreliable, as I understand.
If I get the time, I will have a closer look on the testsuite and how it works.

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Datum: söndag, 08 december 2013 19:41
Ämne: Re: [Oorexx-users] Testing ooRexx on Windows 8 or 8.1
On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 7:05 AM, hakan <> wrote:

Hex, you may have already seen this reply. One of my replies was withheld for being to long. I think it was this one.
My output from testOORexx.rex -b, on 64 bit Windows 8.1 Pro and ooRexx 4.2.0_9641, built with SDK 7.1 and VS 2010 and the NSIS LongString format.
I may have missunderstood how to set this up ( I ran the testOORexx -b in a command window setup for the compile of ooRexx)

 Hex, yes that would be the right way to do it.  You would want to run it
in a command window that would compile ooRexx correctly.  That way the
native API tests will compile correctly.  The b flag is for build.

The B flag is to force the build.  The first time you download the test
suite, the build will happen because the tests have not been compiled.
 After that, the tests won't be recompiled because the make file will see
that the executables are newer than the source code.  That is fine
normally, the tests aren't changing, no need to recompile.

However, if you rebuild the interpreter, the make file can't detect the
interpreter is changed.  So in general it is a good idea to force a new

Much of the output from the native API tests, is not an error because the
tests are testing that an error is produced.

Mark Miesfeld