On 3/31/07, Mark Miesfeld <miesfeld@acm.org> wrote:

I have a few questions on process for the 3.1.2 release, but also on the
process in general.

1.) I already see an error on my part.  For the OLEVariant class, I
documented something I meant to do, but didn't actually do.  The document
says that the varType and paramFlags input string is case insensitive, when
in fact it is implemented as case sensitive.

1 A.) Are we committing fixes to the branch when we find minor errors?

Yes, that's why we do a release candidate.  Go ahead and fix it.


1 B.) The least change would be to fix the docs.  I would prefer to fix the
implementation, and that would be the least work for others (I am building
the Windows version, David is building the docs.)  The fix to the
implementation is low risk, in my opinion.  Should I fix the implementation
or the docs?

2.)  The process in general:  When we have the final 3.1.2 release, will the
3.1.2 branch be branched into 'releases' and frozen?  I am assuming that at
that point the 2.1.3 branch will be merged back into trunk, is that correct?

Probably more correct to say it will be moved to releases.  Because there are things done to the branch that are part of generating the release (such as updating version numbers and stuff), the branch is not generally merged back.  Any fixes applied to branch should be manually updated in the trunk.




Mark Miesfeld

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