Having worked with a number of lawyers recently on open source licensing issues, I'd have to answer this with a "NO" (or possibly a "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  The full copyright statement should appear in each source file, where practical.  This is not just for the protection of the project, but also for anybody who wishes to use the ooRexx code within another product.  For example, were an IBM product that currently uses the IBM product version of Object Rexx wish to switch to the open source version, it would be much easier for that product to obtain clearance to use ooRexx if the sources were diligent in playing by the rules.


On 11/11/05, Rony G. Flatscher <Rony.Flatscher@wu-wien.ac.at> wrote:
Hi there,

just curious: would it be sufficient to include in (Rexx) programs the following line to make it clear the license that applies to it?
license:          CPL 1.0 (Common Public License v1.0, see accompanying file "CPLv1.0.txt")
This way one could fogo that boring copy-block at the beginning of the programs.